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Correspondence, Minutes, Inquires, Alms House/Poor Farm records, etc

Ledger – Municipal School Board, Digby County

An account of Rural School teachers annual salaries in Milford Corner, Bear River, Lansdowne, Smith’s Cove, New Conway, Hillgrove, North Range, South Range East, Marshalltown, Brighton/Barton, Plympton, Gilberts Cove, Ashmore, Weymouth Point, Weymouth North, Weymouth, Weymouth Mills, Weymouth Falls, South Range West, Sissioo Falls, Doucetteville, Plympton Station, Southville, Riverdale, Danvers, Roxville, Rossway, Waterford, Centreville, Sandy Cove, Mink Cove, Little River, Tiddville, East Ferry, Tiverton, Central Grove, Westport, Freeport.

84 Pages;

Date: 1946- 49

Accession Number: 2004.8

Location: Archival Closet; Archival box labelled “Misc. Records #3”

Sheriff’s Sale

Sheriff’s Sale in the Supreme Court between Sarah G. Nichols (Plaintiff) and Frank Jones (Defendant) to be sold a Public Auction Tuesday, 2 November 1926 at eleven fifteen, on the morgage sought to be foreclosed.  Sheriff Heber R. Bishop, High Sheriff for the County of Digby

Date: September 28, 1926

Accession Number: 2013.121.1

Location: Archival Closet; Archival Box labelled “Misc. Records #1”

Minutes of the Board of Health

Officers of the Boar of Health held a meeting at Judge Wiswall’s, inquiry was made of the several medical practitioners expecting the general stole of the health in this neighbourhood, and especially, whether any case of illegible had taken place to their knowledge with the County of Annapolis.

Dated: Aug 29, 1834, Digby

Accession Number: 2013.114.1

Location: Archival Closet; Archival Box labelled “Misc Records #1”

Official Enquiry regarding the Poor of Digby County

Official Enquiry Royal Commission regarding several charges of Mal-administration of the Poor Laws and of certain horrible barbarities, alleged to have been perpetrated on the Poor of the County of Digby.

Charges were published in the following papers: Morning Herald (Dec 1884, Feb 10, 12 23 and March 4, 1885), Digby Courier (Jan 9, 1885) and Ottawa Free Press (April 4, 1885)

Two typed pages

Accession Number: 2013.115.1

Location: Archival Closet; Archival Box labelled “Misc. Records #1”


Alms House Patient Register

Alms House/Municipal/County Home Patient Register, Digby, Nova Scotia


This Register, of approximately 100 pages, records the Inmates Surname and Given name, Age, Marital Status; Death (in some cases), Community of which they lived prior.,  Date Returned (if signed out for a period of time), when Transferred and when Dismissed.

Accession Number:

Location: Archival Cabinet 2-D