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Accounts, Ledgers, Minute Books, Log Books, Registers, etc., regarding Digby Town and County businesses, etc…

Ledger – Municipal School Board, Digby County

An account of Rural School teachers annual salaries in Milford Corner, Bear River, Lansdowne, Smith’s Cove, New Conway, Hillgrove, North Range, South Range East, Marshalltown, Brighton/Barton, Plympton, Gilberts Cove, Ashmore, Weymouth Point, Weymouth North, Weymouth, Weymouth Mills, Weymouth Falls, South Range West, Sissioo Falls, Doucetteville, Plympton Station, Southville, Riverdale, Danvers, Roxville, Rossway, Waterford, Centreville, Sandy Cove, Mink Cove, Little River, Tiddville, East Ferry, Tiverton, Central Grove, Westport, Freeport.

84 Pages;

Date: 1946- 49

Accession Number: 2004.8

Location: Archival Closet; Archival box labelled “Misc. Records #3”