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Agreement of Sale – William Sutherland/Henry Jordan and Thomas Gilpin

Agreement of Sale between William Charles Sutherland ad Henry Lawson Jordan, Barristers, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada  AND Thomas Bernard Gilpin, of Digby, Nova Scotia, Investor.

Lots numbered 17, 18 & 19, in Block Two (2),  Subdivision four (4), Section 29,  Township 36 and Range 5, West of the Third Meridian, in the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada of records in the Land Titles Office for East Saskatchewan as Plan “F.D.” for the sum of $475.00.

Dated: July 13, 107

Accession Number: 2013.169.1

Location: Archival Closet; Archival box labelled “Misc. Records #2”

Certificate of Discharge for Seaman William S. Gilpin

Certificate  of Discharge for Seaman discharge before the Superintendent of a Mercantile Marine Office in the United Kingdom, A British Consul., or a Shipping Officer in British Possession Abroad.

Name of Ship: Vimeira [Vimiera]; Official Number: 98650; Port of Registry: Glasgow; Tonnage: 2163; Name of Seaman: William S. Gilpin, Age 23, Born: Digby; Date of Engagement: 23/6/1903

Date: July 1, 1903

Vimiera Information Link:

Vimiera Photo Link:

Accession Number: 1980.25.14

Location: Archival Closet; Archival ox labelled “Misc. Records #1”

The St. John Ambulance Association Certificate to Aime Destobel

St. John Ambulance Association, the Canadian Branch. The Certificate in First Aid to the Injured is awarded to Aime Destobel, at New Waterford (Cape Breton).

This file also contains a couple of photos, negatives, and numerous newspaper clippings regarding the Destobel/Cestnick family.

Dated: August 1931

Accession Number: 2010.9.9

Location: Archival Closet; Archival Box labelled “Misc. Records #1”

Sheriff’s Sale

Sheriff’s Sale in the Supreme Court between Sarah G. Nichols (Plaintiff) and Frank Jones (Defendant) to be sold a Public Auction Tuesday, 2 November 1926 at eleven fifteen, on the morgage sought to be foreclosed.  Sheriff Heber R. Bishop, High Sheriff for the County of Digby

Date: September 28, 1926

Accession Number: 2013.121.1

Location: Archival Closet; Archival Box labelled “Misc. Records #1”

The Y’s Men’s Club of Digby

Digby “Y” Mens Records

Under the jurisdiction of the International Association of Y’s Men’s Clubs.

Includes: Charter Certificate, Attendance Record, Clubs Roster & Minutes, Constitution, By-Laws, Club Officers’ Manual, Letterhead, Correspondence.  Also includes 2 photos of a dam at Grand Lake.

58 pages plus copies of blank Letterhead

Dated: October 1, 1951 – April 1, 1953

Accession Number: 2010.49.1

Location: Archival Closet; Archival Box labelled “Misc. Records #1”


Note: Removed from binder due to rust issues