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Official Enquiry regarding the Poor of Digby County

Official Enquiry Royal Commission regarding several charges of Mal-administration of the Poor Laws and of certain horrible barbarities, alleged to have been perpetrated on the Poor of the County of Digby.

Charges were published in the following papers: Morning Herald (Dec 1884, Feb 10, 12 23 and March 4, 1885), Digby Courier (Jan 9, 1885) and Ottawa Free Press (April 4, 1885)

Two typed pages

Accession Number: 2013.115.1

Location: Archival Closet; Archival Box labelled “Misc. Records #1”


License to operate school in Clare

Hand-written letter from Louis A. Bourque, Clerk, to Jacob Crosby regarding Mr. Crosby’s good report on conduct and moral character.  Mr. Crosby is authorized and licensed to open a School in the Township of Clare for the instructions of youth in reading, writing and arithmetic.

Dated: March 10, 1847, Clare

Accession Number: 1990.42.01

Location: Archival Closet; Archival Box labelled “Misc. Records #1”

Letter from George Leonard to Amos Botsford, Esq

Letter written to Amos Botsford, Esq, from George Leonard, Susex Vale [sic] regarding response of miscarriage of donations, salaries, etc, as well as talk regarding Election and Council.

4 pages (copies of original)


Dated: July 30, 1795

Accession Number: 2013.118.1

Location: Archival Closet; Archival box labelled “Misc. Records #1”


The Y’s Men’s Club of Digby

Digby “Y” Mens Records

Under the jurisdiction of the International Association of Y’s Men’s Clubs.

Includes: Charter Certificate, Attendance Record, Clubs Roster & Minutes, Constitution, By-Laws, Club Officers’ Manual, Letterhead, Correspondence.  Also includes 2 photos of a dam at Grand Lake.

58 pages plus copies of blank Letterhead

Dated: October 1, 1951 – April 1, 1953

Accession Number: 2010.49.1

Location: Archival Closet; Archival Box labelled “Misc. Records #1”


Note: Removed from binder due to rust issues