Memorandum of Agreement regarding Bridgetown Asylum

Memorandum of Agreement between Municipality of Annapolis and Municipality of Digby regarding Asylum.

Erected building, 1886, in Bridgetown to be used as an Asylum. Agreement for the Municipality of Digby to place persons here who are at this time maintained at the Provincial Asylum in Dartmouth, as well as other like persons who may from time-to-time become chargeable.   Agreement passed the 19th day of April 1895 and the 8th  day of May 1895.
Signed by
James P. Roop, Warden Annapolis
O. Daniels, Clerk Annapolis
N. R. Westcott, Warden of Municipality of Digby
W. B. Stewart, Clerk, Municipality of Digby

Date: June 29, 1895

Accession Number: 2000.42.08

Location: Archival Closet; Archival box labelled “Misc. Records #4”

Correspondence: Wm. Reynolds to Municipal Clerk Digby

Correspondence on Provincial Secretary’s Office letterhead from Hon. Pro. Secretary to the Digby Municipal Clerk regarding Road Grant showing the sum of $2095.89 credit of the Municipality of Digby for the current year.  Signed by Wm. Reynolds

Date: April 14, 1890, Halifax

Accession Number: 2000.42.05

Location: Archival Closet; Archival box labelled “Misc. Records #4”

List of Constables December Term 1837

List of Constables December Term 1837

Edward Leonard, William McCormick, Thomas Tobin, William Moore, Edward Marshall, Thomas Kiley, Jacob Dakin, James Marshall, Robert Jones, Joseph Shortliff, Charles Everett, Timothy Brooks, Moses Healy, James Jones, Gilbert Post, James John, Robert Timpany, Edward Burnes, Charles Morehouse, George Denton, Thomas Dakin, John Letteney, Robert Turnbull, William Warrington, Ebenezer Rice, Frederick Sulis, William Mullen, Stephan Harris, William Aymar and Robert Haines

The following names are listed on the back side:
Eliab Bell (Foreman), Uriah Savary, Jacob Burnes, James Smalle, James Warrington, Christopher Roop, Stephen Young, John Mallett, Edward Small, Thomas Holdsworth, John Letteney and James T. Tobin

Date: 1837

Accession Number: 2000.42.04

Location: Archival Closet; Archival box labelled “Misc. Records #4”

List of Petit Jurors

List of Petit Jurors to serve at [illegible];

Eliab Bell, Stephen Young, William Morehouse, Uriah Savary, William Smith, John Mallett, Jacob Burnes[?], Jacob Wyman, William D. Hyman, William John, Edward Small, William Journeay, Edward Burnes, Joshua Burnham, Thomas Smith, John Eldridge, Isaac Dakin, Edward Middleton, David Cossaboom, Thomas Holdsworth, David Saxton, Jacob Woodman, Daniel Winslow and James Warrington

Date: 1837

Accession Number: 2000.42.03

Location: Archival Closet; Archival box labelled “Misc Records #4”